Serenity Among the Skyscrapers
The shadows of Charlotte’s towers reach almost to the edges of the property. A tumult of traffic whizzes by the small plot of green upon which the old girl sits. She has stubbornly resisted modernity, clinging to her early 1900 heydays when life’s pace was slower and much less complicated.

When you escape the hurly-burly and enter the sanctuary, you are wrapped in a welcoming glow. The original Italian stained glass windows tint the light filtering in on the dark wooden pews. The mighty organ sits waiting for skilled hands and feet to set it singing.

The floor creaks and the walls echo with faint sounds of dramas, concerts, conferences and beautiful weddings.

Historic Property
Self-Help Ventures Fund, an experienced developer of historic properties across North Carolina, purchased the Great Aunt Stella Center in 2002. In 2005, the neoclassical building was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Stella Vandalia Sparrow would love what we haven’t done to the building.